Booth Equipment and Labor Rental

Booth Equipment Rental

La Quinta Art Celebration, through Bright Event Rentals, offers for rent a selection of items most frequently requested by artists. Rental items include tents, panels, tables, umbrellas and many other items. Inventory available for rent can be seen and ordered on the PDF below.


You may order any of the items listed on the PDF below by contacting Bright Event Rental at: or 760.343.5110. 

Download Rental Reservation Form 

Labor Rental

La Quinta Art Celebration offers the service of a private company to assist with load-in and load-out at the event. It is comprised of two men that charge $75 cash for two men per hour. One may reserve more than one hour with the Labor crew. However, they need to know in advance so that other Artists are not delayed with their booking. You may not request 30-minute assistance.  La Quinta Art Celebration doesn’t have access to a fork-lift.


The men have access to a flatbed golf cart and reservations are made first come, first served. They can load your art, assist with booth set-up and staking of your tent. You can reserve this service starting September 12 which is 60 days prior to the event or wait until you arrive to get on their list. Reservations are only made by text to Bill Hall, Grounds Supervisor. Do not email Kat or Debby as they are not involved with the Labor Crew. The crew are an independent company who handles our grounds at the event. Bill Hall can be texted at: 760-578-3550.


If you have large art you may contact Bill for consideration of loading in the art on Monday, November 7, 2022. This is primarily for sculpture.   Tuesday, November 8 is the alternative for art that is going to take a while to load-in and install. 


For load-out, no services will start until 5 pm on Sunday evening.  There will also be paid labor available on Monday, November 14th.  We must be off the park by 12 noon as the sprinklers will be turned on. 


In addition, we have Volunteers who will drive a golf cart from your vehicle to your booth as a complimentary service. However, they are not allowed to lift or carry your art or assist with staking or set-up of your booth. There is no charge for this service.  Their service is simply transporting your art to booth. You must sign up on the hospitality patio for this service only after registration is completed.  No pre-registration. Volunteers do not work on Sunday night or Monday.



Provide this information to Bill Hall by text: 760-578-3550 starting on September 12, 2022


Artist Name:

Media of Art:

Artist Cell Phone:

Booth Number:


Date Labor for Hire is Required at Set-Up:

Time Labor for Hire is Required at Set-Up:


Date Labor for Hire is Required for Tear-Down:

Time Labor for Hire is Required at Tear-Down (on Sunday night must be after 4:30pm):