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Point Of Sale System

Greetings Artists, 


We hope you are looking forward to the La Quinta Art Celebration as much as we are. We are just a few days away from opening the gates. 


As you know, we have moved away from the outdated receipt books with our very own automated Point of Sale app. Each of you will be issued an android tablet for the event with a sales tracking app installed for your individual use. Additionally, you can also use the tablet as the device for processing payments if you are an existing SQUARE merchant account holder- thereby eliminating the need to record the same transaction twice in 2 different devices.


We have attached written instructions below for the app and SQUARE card reader pairing .


We recognize that each of you has varying comfort levels with technology and are here to offer as much or as little support as needed. 


To help you familiarize yourself with the new system before the event: 


  1. You can simply read the attached instructions & email us ( with your questions, if any.

  2. Watch a short video introducing and explaining the new system.

  3. Attend in person training sessions that will be offered during the event set-up. 


We believe this enhancement not only saves trees but will make the show even more seamless and easier on artists and patrons alike. We are here to answer any questions and support you in this transition to a more modern approach. 

Thank You! 

Scope Events Team

Please review the documents below for information on the new POS system.

For questions, please email:

Video introducing and explaining the new system.

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